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How to Picture Living Systems I

Petra MAITZ (Vienna/Hamburg/Sydney)

Oct 24, 2016 | 17:00

Organized by: KLI & Petra Maitz


Opening of the Art Exhibition:
Peter Weibel, Martin Walde, Mariateresa Sartori, Petra Maitz, Irena Lagator, and John Aslanidis; curated by Petra Maitz

Round table discussion:
before the opening with Peter Schuster, Gert Hasenhütl, and Martin Walde, moderated by Petra Maitz


Panel discussion: P. Schuster, M. Walde, G. Hasenhütl, P. Maitz


Exhibition: 24.10.2016 - 31.1.2017

The invited artists are: Peter Weibel, Martin Walde, Mariateresa Sartori from Italy, John Aslanidis from Melbourne, Australia and Irena Lagator from Montenegro.

Their works of art were selected by curator and artist Petra Maitz, because they deal implicitly with the topic of system description of natural processes and raise questions that allow a critical analysis of science with respect to a „right“ and „wrong“ epistemological foray. Today, the modus of aisthesis has again become a category of observing in teaching, and thus works of art mean an appreciable importance in scientific methodology.

Peter Weibel´s ENJOY YOUR DNA-films, Martin Walde´s HALLUCIGENIA products and Mariateresa Sartoris‘ THE REASONS OF SCIENCE-film are variations of artworks that approach scientific questions. In arts, creation of forms and theses-backgrounds develop independently of scientists and establish a domain of interactions between both sides. This conception is illustrated by the present exhibition of international artists at the KLI, where the baroque mansion meets the modern extension. In this quasi-passage zone, a dialogue between art and scientific questions will originate that what was always discussed traditionally in a philosophical ambience in Austria.

We will discuss with emerit. Prof. Dr. Peter Schuster, Theoretical Chemistry, Martin Walde, Artist, Dr. Gert Hasenhütl, Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts, and Dr. Petra Maitz , Moderator and Curator as well as with fellows and visitors.


Sponsored by Bundeskanzleramt Abteilung Kunst & Kultur and by Land Niederösterreich Abteilung Kunst & Kultur.

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