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Isabella Sarto-Jackson interviewed on The Dissenter Youtube Chanel

Isabella Sarto-Jackson discusses her book "The Making and Breaking of Minds" with Ricardo Lopes on The Dissenter, a popular YouTube channel.

In her conversation with Ricardo, for the episode titled "Exploring the Influence of Social Interactions on the Human Mind," Isabella delves into various aspects of human psychology, including topics such as the longstanding debate between nature and nurture, the significance of behavior genetics and twin studies, and the nuanced concept of genetic susceptibility versus determinism. Environmental factors, niche construction, and gene-culture coevolution are also explored. Moving into neuroscience, they discuss neuroplasticity, its mechanisms, and limitations, alongside concepts like localizationism, modularity of mind, and evolutionary psychology, touching upon challenges in defining "normal" development and psychopathology, the notion of "looping effects" in mental disorder research, and the importance of the biopsychosocial model. Isabella also spoke of socioeconomic structures, systemic discrimination, and the neurodiversity movement in the context of mental health. Additionally, traumatic experiences, attachment theory, and the development of attachment styles are discussed, as well as the development of resilience in children. The conversation ends with insights into how science works.

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