The Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI) is an independent center of advanced studies in the life and sustainability sciences.


Our Mission: A home to theory that matters!

The mission of the KLI is to enable scientific reasoning that can contribute to understanding and sustaining life in its biological, cognitive, social, and cultural diversity.

At the KLI, we are committed to contribute by addressing pressing challenges of our time through inter and transdisciplinary research. Especially, we believe that theories are crucial to: give meaning to data, connect ideas, facilitate dialogue, stimulate learning, inform new research, and inspire action.

We support conceptual and formal research as well as philosophical and historical work that addresses broad and interrelated questions about life:

  • How and why has life evolved in the past? And how is it evolving in the present and into the future?

  • How can we sustain life on earth to meet the need of current and future generations within the limits of the natural world? 

  • What roles has cognition played in the evolution of life and what roles can it play in its future developments?

We do not put disciplinary boundaries to creativity and welcome proposals engaging with these questions from the natural and social sciences as well as from philosophy, history and social studies thereof.


Our Vision: An Independent center of advanced studies!   

We see the KLI as:

  • A Theory Lab for Interdisciplinary Research Informed by Evolutionary Thinking

  • An Incubator for Professional and Personal Development

  • A Forum for Dialogue across Scientific Fields and between Science and Society

  • A Node for Inclusive Collaboration

  • A Thriving and Internationally Connected Place


Our Offer

The KLI offers two programs for individual researchers or groups:

  • KLI Resident Fellowship Program, for late-stage PhD students as well as Post-docs.

  • KLI Visiting Fellowship Program, for junior and senior researchers

We are always looking for excellent researchers and concerned citizens who wish to advance scientific reasoning that can contribute to understanding and sustaining life.

If you are interested in one of our programs, contact us or connect to our Twitter @KLIAustria.

We will be happy to answer your questions and to welcome you in our community!